Error Doctor 2008

Error Doctor 2008 Description

Type: Possibly Unwanted Program

Error Doctor 2008 is not a genuine security application. Error Doctor 2008 is a rogue registry cleaner, which simply attempts to imitate a trustworthy system repair tool in order to swindle PC users out of their money. Error Doctor 2008 strives to fool potential victims into thinking that numerous registry errors and computer infections have been detected on their PCs. The main frightening method used by Error Doctor 2008 is a supposed system scan, which is performed every time you turn your computer on. Fictitious PC scans will appear repeatedly and return inaccurate computer scan results that cover a variety of registry errors and PC infections. Error Doctor 2008 will also use fabricated error messages and pop-up security alerts in order to intimidate you even more into believing that numerous security issues have been identified on your computer system. The main aim of Error Doctor 2008 is to persuade PC users to buy its rogue software. In reality, there's no full edition of Error Doctor 2008. It means that Error Doctor 2008 is not able to detect and remove any type of registry errors and malware infections because it is a virus itself! Get rid of Error Doctor 2008 by using a legitimate security program.

Technical Information

File System Details

Error Doctor 2008 creates the following file(s):
# File Name Detection Count
1 iuser.dll N/A
2 setup.dll N/A
3 ErrorDoctor.exe N/A
4 iKernel.dll N/A
5 ctor.dll N/A
6 DotNetInstaller.exe N/A
7 iscript.dll N/A
8 iGdi.dll N/A
9 Objectps.dll N/A
10 ErrorDoctorSetup[1].exe N/A
11 iKernel.rgs N/A
12 IsProBE.tlb N/A
13 icon.ico N/A
14 ErrorDoctor.lnk N/A
15 Uninstall.lnk N/A

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