Threat Database Adware 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' Pop-Ups

'Error Code Rundll32.exe' Pop-Ups

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The 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' pop-ups are part of a known technical support tactic that is used to take money from inexperienced computer users. The victims of the 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' pop-ups hoax are asked to pay large amounts of money for a fake technical support service. The 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' pop-ups use misleading language and scary fake error messages to trick computer users into falling for the lie. If your computer is displaying the 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' pop-ups, PC security analysts strongly advise to disregard their messages and not call the included phone number.

The Hoax Behind the 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' Pop-Ups

The 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' pop-ups make it appear as if the computer has crashed or that a threat has been detected. The 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' pop-ups advise the victim to call an included phone number. When victims call this number, they will be greeted by con artists that will try to obtain their credit card information, access to the infected computer, and convince them to pay large amounts of money for fake technical support services. The 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' pop-ups are caused by a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program), that may be bundled with software obtained for free online. The 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' pop-ups may appear on certain websites where the advertising content is not well-regulated. The difference is simple; if the 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' pop-ups appear only in connection with one website, then it is unlikely that a PUP has been installed on your computer.

The following is the full text of the 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' pop-ups (note the scary language and the false claims that the phone number belongs to 'Microsoft Support'):

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The problem is caused by an unusual activity performed on this machine. Error code: rundll32.exe. Call Microsoft Support Number Now – +1-844-988-6363 and share this code with the agent.
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What Happens After You Call the Phone Number Provided by the 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' Pop-Ups?

When victims call the 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' pop-ups phone number, the con artists will try to carry out several tactics. The main purpose of these tactics is to convince the victims that their computers are infected severely, and they need assistance. They will ask is for the victim to install some Remote Access software, which would then allow the con artists to enter the victim's computer directly, install threats, spread the 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' pop-ups to the victim's email and social media contacts, and collect data. The people responsible for the 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' pop-ups also may try to convince victims to pay for fake warranties and bogus computer assistance services. The result of the 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' pop-ups is that con artists may make money at the expense of inexperienced computer users.

Dealing with the 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' Pop-Ups and Their Associated Tactic

The main thing to remember is to avoid calling the 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' pop-ups phone number or responding to any unsolicited phone calls received from these people. Most importantly, avoid falling into the sense of urgency and helplessness that these con artists try to create. If you are wary about the state of your computer, call Microsoft directly or a qualified repair technician (who will never pester you with unsolicited pop-up messages on your computer). Never give information to the con artists related to the 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' pop-ups and never install any content on your computer that is promoted during these misleading calls. If you have fallen for this hoax, it is important to contact your bank, use a reliable security application to ensure that no threat has been installed on your computer, and take steps to safeguard your online passwords and accounts, which may have been compromised during the attack.


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