Threat Database Adware ‘Error Code: 154-247-087’ Pop-Ups

‘Error Code: 154-247-087’ Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Adware

The 'Error Code: 154-247-087' pop-up windows are associated with untrusted pages on the Internet that host phishing content. The 'Error Code: 154-247-087' pop-ups are presented to users who load a phishing domain and their browser loads code riddled with errors. The coders that designed the page hosting the 'Error Code: 154-247-087' messages are aimed to make the browser behave strangely and convince the user there may be problems with their PCs. The pages linked to the 'Error Code: 154-247-087' messages are known to use the title 'IMPORTANT ALERT' and prevent the browser from switching to another tab. As stated before, the code is embedded into the untrusted site that is intended to freeze the browser and make it unresponsive. Regardless of the browser, you are running, the HTML code that is loaded might cause errors and prevent you from accessing your bookmarks, settings panel and tabs. The 'Error Code: 154-247-087' pop-ups feature a lackluster design that is a black page with text colored in white that reads:

'The problem is caused by an unusual acuity performed on Inks machine Error code 154.247. 087 Call Customer supped number - 0-800-098-8052 and share this code 531 with the agent.
ERROR CODE : 154-247-087
WARNING: Your system has critical security vulnerabilities. Attention customer: Your personal emails, bank, and other personal passwords, as well as credit card information, are at risk! Multiple high-risk infections detected, call Windows Certified Tech Support right away: 0-800-098-8052 (Toll-FREE High priority Call Line)'

Computer users that have problems with removing the 'Error Code: 154-247-087' pop-ups from their screens may think that they are presented with a security alert from their Internet Service Provider (ISP) due to a suspicious activity on their home network. PC security researchers note that the 'Error Code: 154-247-087' alerts are classified as phishing messages. Sites that claim your machine is compromised are more often than not aiming to drive Web traffic and potential customers to businesses that do not provide valid contact information, registration, and a trusted certificate. The technical support agents on the 800-098-8052 phone line may claim to work for the Microsoft Corp. and that your PC sent a distress signal to their servers. Users that call 800-098-8052 may be suggested that the unusual activity mentioned on the 'Error Code: 154-247-087' pop-up may be caused by a Trojan on their computers. Do not trust the 'Error Code: 154-247-087' alerts and the staff on the 800-098-8052 phone line. Con artists may attempt to convince you to pay a few hundred dollars to have your system cleaned via a remote desktop session. It is imperative that you cancel remote desktop requests sent by the staff on the 800-098-8052 phone line. You can block connections to untrusted sites and remove software related to the 'Error Code: 154-247-087' pop-ups by using a reliable anti-malware shield.


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