Threat Database Adware 'Error Code : 062-050-117' Pop-Ups

'Error Code : 062-050-117' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Adware

The 'Error Code : 062-050-117' pop-up alerts that may interrupt your online activity are not legitimate security alerts. The 'Error Code : 062-050-117' pop-ups are generated from content on Web pages hosted on sites like Fake search engines and corrupted ads may bring up the 'Error Code : 062-050-117' dialog boxes on your screen. The message on the 'Error Code : 062-050-117' pop-ups serves as advertisement for fake computer support agencies. We have seen the 'Error Code : 062-050-117' pop-up promote services on the 0800-098-8835 toll-free phone line, which you can dial in Skype by Microsoft. Cyber security experts note that the 'Error Code : 062-050-117' alerts are associated with legitimate services by Microsoft, and you should not trust technicL support staff that says otherwise. The 'Error Code : 062-050-117' notifications may offer the following text:

'The problem is caused by an unusual activity performed on this machine. Error code - 062-050-117. Call customer support number - 0-800-098-8835 and share this code with the agent.
ERROR CODE 062-050-117
AWARNING: Your system has critical security vulnerabilities. Attention [YOUR INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER] customer: Your personal emails, bank and other credit card information are at risk!
Multiple high risk infections detected, call Windows Certified Tech Support right away
0-800-098-8835 (Toll-FREE, High priority Call Line)'

The 'Error Code : 062-050-117' pop-up windows can be introduced to users by adware and browser hijacking software. Computer users that install freeware bundles with the 'Express' option may find their browser loading the 'Error Code : 062-050-117' alerts. Additionally, browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer that are under the influence of third party software may not work properly. Some users that experience the 'Error Code : 062-050-117' pop-ups may be inclined to call the phone listed above and ask for help with addressing their problems. As stated before, the phone lines listed on the 'Error Code : 062-050-117' notifications are not managed by staff at Microsoft Corp. Computer users that need assistance with removing software associated with 'Error Code : 062-050-117' messages may want to install a trusted anti-spyware solution and have their PCS scanned thoroughly.


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