Threat Database Adware 'ERROR #AP7MQ79' Pop-Ups

'ERROR #AP7MQ79' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Adware

The 'ERROR #AP7MQ79' pop-up messages with the Windows logo in your Web browser are not produced by legitimate cybersecurity services associated with Microsoft and browser vendors. The 'ERROR #AP7MQ79' pop-up messages are produced by insecure pages with misleading names that may refer to critical system errors, the Windows firewall, ISP problems and your PC blocked. Fake technical support companies are using phishing pages, advertisements and browser hijackers to divert Web surfers to pages where the 'ERROR #AP7MQ79' notifications are hosted.

PC users who experience the 'ERROR #AP7MQ79' notifications may find them in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge and Opera. The pages associated with the 'ERROR #AP7MQ79' technical support tactic feature special scripts that are loaded depending on the visitor's browser. These scripts are designed to load the 'ERROR #AP7MQ79' pages in full-screen mode, produce a loop of messages and potentially play a short audio recording of a computerized voice. Fake technical support agencies benefit from scaring PC users who call their toll-free phone numbers like 805-220-9695. Once their browser starts to behave strangely, and a disturbing audio alert is played in the background, many users are willing to trust the fake 'ERROR #AP7MQ79' security alerts. We have seen the 'ERROR #AP7MQ79' notifications feature the following text:

Call immediately: 8052209695 (Free)
Do not ignore this critical alert.
If you close this page, your computer access will be disabled to prevent further damage to our network. Your computer has alerted us that it has been infected with a virus and spyware. the following information may be lost.
1. Connect Facebook
2. Credit Card details
3. Access to the e-mail account
4. Photos stored on this computer
Contact us immediately so our engineers can guide you through the phone removal process. Please call us within 5 minutes to prevent your computer from being disabled.
Call immediately to: 8052209695'

The statements posted on the 'ERROR #AP7MQ79' pages purposely mention your social media accounts, credit card information, online banking account, and personal photos to suggest that your data might be compromised. These statements are combined with a bad browser behavior caused by specially crafted scripts, and the Microsoft Windows logo is displayed in the background. That particular play of logos, text and browser activity is likely to trick many users into calling the phone number shown on their screen. However, calls to 805-220-9695 and following the directions on the 'ERROR #AP7MQ79' pages is not recommended. You will not be provided with reliable computer support services by following the instructions on the 'ERROR #AP7MQ79' messages.

Microsoft and cybersecurity companies remind users to report questionable security messages and avoid granting remote desktop access to unverified computer support agents. You may want to terminate the browser's process using the Task Manager if you can't close the 'ERROR #AP7MQ79' pages and can't stop the looped notifications. As long as you don't download files and click on any links from the 'ERROR #AP7MQ79' pages, there should be no problems. It may be a wise idea to run a scan with a credible cybersecurity instrument and check if there are browser extensions and other applications that may be causing redirects to 'ERROR #AP7MQ79' pages.


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