Threat Database Adware 'Error # 3658fa2deb39539' Pop-Ups

'Error # 3658fa2deb39539' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Adware

The 'Error # 3658fa2deb39539' pop-ups are bogus error messages that are part of a known tactic. The 'Error # 3658fa2deb39539' pop-ups take the form of a message presented over a black background, alerting the victim of a supposed 'suspicious activity' on the affected computer. However, the 'Error # 3658fa2deb39539' pop-ups are not generated by an anti-malware or security service. Rather, the reason for the 'Error # 3658fa2deb39539' pop-ups is the promotion of bogus technical support services, a known tactic that works by tricking computer users into calling a phone number where they will be asked to purchase fake security software or allow the con artists to have remote access to their computers. What you need to understand about the 'Error # 3658fa2deb39539' pop-ups is that these messages are not legitimate and they are part of a known online tactic.

How the 'Error # 3658fa2deb39539' Pop-Ups may be Delivered

Computer users reporting the 'Error # 3658fa2deb39539' pop-ups have noted that these error alerts may appear on their screens, not allowing them to close the pop-up messages or access their computers. A corrupted script on the infected computer causes this, although these pop-ups also may be generated by websites with insecure content. The purpose of these messages is to limit the victims' control over the affected computer. In the case of the alerts generated by the affected Web browser, the victims may still be able to access their operating systems, often by using Alt + TAB to move from the 'Error # 3658fa2deb39539' pop-ups window to their other windows. In the case of the 'Error # 3658fa2deb39539' pop-ups been generated by other threat present on the victim's computer, bypassing the messages themselves may be more difficult. The following is the text of the 'Error # 3658fa2deb39539' pop-ups:

'Error # 3658fa2deb39539
YOUR COMPUTER HAS BEEN BLOCKED Windows has detected some suspicious activity from your IP address.
Some virus and spyware have caused a security breach at your network location. Please call us immediately at the toll-free number listed so that our engineers can walk you through the removal process over the phone.
Call us immediately on our Toll Free for Technical Assistance.
Toll Free
Please do not use any internet based services to avoid any identity thefts.

Some Examples of the Tactics Used by the People Behind the 'Error # 3658fa2deb39539' Pop-Ups and Similar Hoaxes

The purpose of the 'Error # 3658fa2deb39539' pop-ups is to confuse computer users, tricking them into calling a phone number associated with a supposed computer support service. There are several ways in which the people responsible for this tactic can make money off of the computer users:

  • The con artists may ask the victim to install a remote desktop client on their computers, supposedly to allow the technicians to inspect the affected computer. In reality, this gives the con artists full access to the victim's data.
  • The con artists may ask the victim to pay large amounts of money for a bogus anti-virus program or service, which may cause additional problems or be harmful itself.
  • The con artists may use the victim's credit card information and data for identity theft or credit card fraud.

Legitimate computer support services will never display these pop-up messages urging people to call these phone numbers for 'technical support.' Messages like the 'Error # 3658fa2deb39539' pop-ups may impersonate legitimate companies, often claiming that they are 'Microsoft technicians,' 'Windows certified,' or making similar bogus statements in an effort to trick computer users into paying large amounts of money and falling for a well-known online tactic.


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