Threat Database Adware 'Error # 3658ad79cc3021a' Pop-Up

'Error # 3658ad79cc3021a' Pop-Up

By GoldSparrow in Adware

The 'Error # 3658ad79cc3021a' warnings on your screen that appear to be generated by are not to be trusted. The 'Error # 3658ad79cc3021a' warnings are not displayed by but on untrusted sites like that host phishing content. Computer security researchers reveal that the 'Error # 3658ad79cc3021a' alerts are shown on a background that is a modified screenshot of the legitimate support page for Windows OS users at The 'Error # 3658ad79cc3021a' alerts are an example for tech support scam that is using logos and images of trusted portals to claim credibility and redirect users to uncertified computer support services. The 1-844-324-2398 toll-free phone line advertised on the 'Error # 3658ad79cc3021a' pop-ups is not related in any way with Microsoft Corp. The phone numbers provided with the 'Error # 3658ad79cc3021a' alerts can be used to contact con artists that aim to trick users into subscribing to a lifetime tech support in exchange for 400 USD to 600 USD.

When we are talking about topkavsupport[.]com, we should mention that the team on the 1-844-324-2398 phone line has stepped up their game by adding a real-time chat channel powered by Zendesk. The company provides Web-based help desk software to customers and may be exploited by con artists considering its features and versatility. ESG experts note that users who call the phone number listed on the 'Error # 3658ad79cc3021a' warnings may be directed to install a custom version of a remote desktop tool under the brands of TeamViewer Gmbh., LogMeIn, Inc. and Ammyy Inc. These companies provide legitimate and clean remote desktop applications for computer support centers. However, time and time again educated con artists exploited the trial period of TeamViewer, LogMeIn, and Ammyy Admin to facilitate their operations.

Computer users that are presented with 'Error # 3658ad79cc3021a' pop-ups may be unable to operate their browser because of a bad JavaScript code on the underlying page. Web designers that are hired to create pages with phishing content might embed unique code to make your browser load the 'Error # 3658ad79cc3021a' alerts continuously. That would result in your inability to minimize the browser, switch the tabs and access your bookmarks. It is understandable that some users may think that they were compromised and needed to call 1-844-324-2398 for help. As stated above, it is not a good idea to call the toll-free phone lines shown on the 'Error # 3658ad79cc3021a' notifications. You can remove software that causes redirects to untrusted pages and displays unsolicited advertisements with the help of a reputable anti-malware suite. Computer security experts recommend users to avoid topkavsupport[.]com and questionable sites such as:

  • contact-microsoft[.]com
  • Excellentassist[.]com
  • help-microsoft-office[.]com
  • help-webroot[.]com
  • memory-dump32[.]com
  • Pcerrorfixed[.]com
  • Pcerrorsfixedonline[.]com
  • support-printer[.]com
  • Topkavoffers[.]com
  • Webmediaassist[.]com


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