Threat Database Adware 'Error # 3658878cba98999' Pop-Ups

'Error # 3658878cba98999' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Adware

The 'Error # 3658878cba98999' pop-up windows are not recognized as trustworthy security alerts. The 'Error # 3658878cba98999' alerts are classified as phishing messages that are produced on untrusted pages and may be loaded on the screen of users under the influence of a browser hijacker. PC users that receive the 'Error # 3658878cba98999' notifications may be unable to close them due to a bad JavaScript embedded in the page they loaded. It is a standard practice for fake security alerts to feature bugs in their code and make the user's browser malfunction. Internet clients like Google Chrome, Internet Explore, Edge, Opera and Mozilla Firefox may not respond to commands while the 'Error # 3658878cba98999' pop-up is displayed. The 'Error # 3658878cba98999' phishing messages are aimed at Windows OS users and offer technical support services by certified experts employed at Microsoft Corp. The 'Error # 3658878cba98999' notifications are part of a technical assistance hoax and should not be trusted under no circumstances. The content associated with the 'Error # 3658878cba98999' alerts may be presented as a page colored in black that features a text message painted in white and a dialog box that says:

'The problem is caused by an unusual activity
performed on this computer. Error code -
undefined. Call customer support number - and
share this code with the agent.'

The dialog box is placed over a black page, and you may have a hard time closing it. The notification is designed to stay on your screen. Moreover, while the notification is in focus other controls may be disabled, and your browser may reload the page continuously. You will find the following text underneath the 'Error # 3658878cba98999' pop-up:

'Error # 3658878cba98999
WARNING: Your system has critical security vulnerabilities.
Attention customer: Your personal emails, bank and other personal passwords, as well as credit card information are at risk!
Multiple high risk infections detected, call Windows Certified Tech Support right away: —– (Toll-FREE, High priority Call Line)
Confirm Navigation
The problem is caused by an unusual activity performed on this machine.'

Customer support agents at Microsoft Corp. are not operating the 888-579-8665 phone line, and it is not a good idea to call the number. Con artists may attempt to use the 'Error # 3658878cba98999' alerts as evidence and claim that your PC is compromised. The next step in their playbook would be to ask questions about your version of Windows, demographic profile, and general activity on the computer. The staff on the 888-579-8665 phone line may act as authorized computer support agents and offer you a lifetime subscription for technical aid in exchange for a few hundred dollars. Needless to say, you should keep your credit card in your wallet and cancel remote desktop connection requests. Cyber security researchers advise users ignore the 'Error # 3658878cba98999' pop-ups and terminate their browser using a process management tool. The 'Error # 3658878cba98999' alerts and browser hijacker can be eliminated with the help of a reputable anti-malware utility.


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