Threat Database Adware 'ERROR # 0x6a4-0xf9fx3999' Pop-Up Scam

'ERROR # 0x6a4-0xf9fx3999' Pop-Up Scam

If you see a message about an 'ERROR # 0x6a1-0xf9fx3999' during your everyday browsing, you have landed on a misleading website. The goal is to convince the unsuspecting visitors to call a phone number that is supposedly for Tech Support but is, in fact, under the control of the scammers.

The exact message used by the 'ERROR # 0x6a1-0xf9fx3999' Pop-Up scam may differ - it could state that the user's computer system is infected with malware or that it may have experienced a serious crash. No matter what the exact wording is, visitors are strongly urged to call a Tech Support phone number where they will be guided through the supposed removal process. Instead, the scammers will attempt to install remote access software on the computer system, which will give them considerable control to download additional suspicious applications. Another option is to use built-in Windows features to try and create the illusion that actual Tech Support work is being done. The scammers will then demand to be paid for their services or will request personal details such as debit/credit card numbers.

While the 'ERROR # 0x6a1-0xf9fx3999' Pop-Up scam may lock your browser by forcing it to enter full-screen mode and generating pop-up messages, dealing with the situation is not that difficult. Affected users have to open the task manager and close the browser simply. More importantly, if you have landed on a website propagating the 'ERROR # 0x6a1-0xf9fx3999' Pop-Up scam, you may have been redirected to it by an adware program that has managed to sneak onto your computer. It is strongly advised to scan your device with a professional anti-malware program and remove any suspicious applications it detects.


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