EpicSplit RAT

The EpicSplit RAT (Remote Access Trojan) is a brand-new threat that malware researchers have spotted recently. Experts are yet to uncover whether this is a custom-built threat that belongs to a hacking group or a commodity malware, which is malware available for purchase online. Threats like the EpicSplit RAT are often offered online as a commodity - this way, their authors are not likely to be persecuted by authorities, and they still capable of managing it to generate revenue.

The EpicSplit RAT is written in the Java programming language. This allows the EpicSplit RAT to be compatible with Windows, Linux and even Mac. Since the EpicSplit RAT does not possess any Mac or Linux specific features, malware analysts believe that this threat is designed to target Windows computers mainly. However, the creators of the EpicSplit RAT may have used Java to create the EpicSplit RAT, as this would allow them to expand both the compatibility and functionality of the threat later on.

It is not yet known how the EpicSplit RAT is being propagated, but the bad actors behind it are likely to be using fake email attachments, pirated applications or video games, bogus software installs or updates, etc. It is not worth downloading illicit content as it may expose you to numerous threats and tactics. It is best to stick to visiting reputable websites that would not pose a threat to your system's health of your data's safety.

If the EpicSplit RAT manages to compromise your system, its operators will be able to gain access and control over your PC. The operators of the EpicSplit RAT will be able to:

  • Execute an infostealing module, or, alternatively, run a keylogger.
  • Manage the active services and processes.
  • Browse the files and folders on the system.
  • Modify the files and folder on the system.
  • Execute files.
  • Launch remote commands.
  • Collect files from the compromised system.
  • Upload files to the system from the C&C (Command & Control) server of the attackers.

The EpicSplit RAT is likely able to execute various other tasks, which makes this threat even more threatening. Do not neglect your online safety – invest in a genuine anti-malware tool that will protect your data and your system.


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