Threat Database Adware 'Enter Facebook Password' Scam

'Enter Facebook Password' Scam

By GoldSparrow in Adware

The 'Enter Facebook Password' scam refers to a campaign that distributes adware and leads people to enter their username and password into fake 'Security Warning' pop-ups on their computers. The 'Enter Facebook Password' scam is facilitated by adware that you may be lead to believe is a shopping helper and a free media player. The 'Enter Facebook Password' scam is run by third parties that are looking to collect profiles on Facebook and potentially use them to spread malware, advertisements and boost the popularity of other tactics.

The 'Enter Facebook Password' scam relies on misleading security messages shown to users and blocks their Web browser from loading. The adware that is responsible for producing the fake 'Facebook Security Warning' pop-ups may run on the Windows boot and appear in the Task Manager as a process with a random name. Affected users are shown pop-up boxes that may look like to be generated by Windows and include the Facebook logo. We have seen the 'Enter Facebook Password' scam operators use screenshots of legitimate Facebook warnings and security representatives to mislead users. The adware associated with the 'Enter Facebook Password' scam may attempt to block browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Vivaldi, Opera, SeaMonkey, and SRWare Iron from launching while the fake 'Enter Facebook Password' message is on your screen. The 'Enter Facebook Password' messages may show the following text:

'Please enter your password to continue
The page you are trying to visit requires that you re-enter your password.
Password [TEXT BOX]

Computer security experts advise users to enable two-factor authentication for their social media accounts to prevent attackers from hijacking their online profiles. You can read more on Facebook Two-Factor Authentication at h[tt]ps://www.facebook[.]com/help/148233965247823. It is a good idea to set up a mobile phone number and email alerts so that you have additional tools to monitor your Facebook account and restore access if it is compromised eventually. The adware used in the 'Enter Facebook Password' scam can be removed by up-to-date security applications, and you may want to add a password manager so that your passwords can't be accessed by unauthorized users.


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