Enspread.top is an empty website promoted by adware threats and browser hijackers. Malware creators have developed that scam with the purpose of displaying promotional browser notifications straight on users' screens. Common for all schemes of that type is that people do not intentionally visit these pages. Instead, browsers compromised by Potentially Unwanted Applications or malicious ads on the Internet redirect users to such pages. As mentioned, Enspread.top has no content, however, it shows a series of misleading text messages, attempting to lure users into allowing browser notifications.

The alerts that Enspread.top shows are a clickbait tactic that prompts users to click on a given 'Allow' button and subscribe to the scammers' pop-ups. In some cases, the website pretends to conduct a fake CAPTCHA robot test or directly launches a number of similarly dubious pages with potentially harmful content.

Enspread.top and its similar or related websites should be ignored and closed immediately. Their browser pop-ups usually contain redirects to unsafe websites, deceptive ads, bogus surveys. They may even include malicious scripts that install malware on users' computers. Users whose browsers redirect them to Enspread.top should scan their device for PUAs through a certified anti-malware program.


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