is a questionable website that is classified as being a browser hijacker. and its associated files may modify the homepage and default search engine settings of the user's web browser without any indication or permission. Once loaded, the browser hijacker files or associated browser extension may cause unwanted and questionable site redirects to sites that inject advertisements into search results and track browsing activity.

Where does the Hijacker Come From? typically loads associated files or a browser extension through downloaded software bundles, freeware, or deceptive marketing tactics from misleading pop-up advertisements. The browser hijacker may also be installed by other malware that has already infected the affected computer.

The components may modify the browser settings to redirect users to its own search engine and homepage, which may look like a legitimate search engine but is designed to display ads and generate revenue for its developers through pay-per-click or pay-per-impression schemes. Users may also notice an increase in the number of pop-up ads and unwanted redirects to sponsored websites or ads offering random services or products.

Aside from being annoying, can also be a security risk if it is left to load questionable pop-up ads and cause site redirects with questionable content. The browser hijacker may track the user's browsing activity, collect personal information, and share it with third-party advertisers without the user's permission or knowledge.

How to Remove and Its Browser Hijacker Component

To remove and its components, computer security experts highly recommend using an updated and trusted antimalware program to automatically find and eliminate the files and any associated browser extensions. Manually removing and its components may be accomplished but runs the risk of leaving behind components or browser extensions that may reload and cause unwanted actions associated with the browser hijacker.

URLs may call the following URLs:


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