Email Search Tools

The Email Search Tools is a fraudulent application that presents itself as a useful tool that will aid users in searching through their emails. It is well known what a pain in the neck it is to try and sort through a packed, messy inbox but we guarantee you that the Email Search Tools is not the application to help you in this quest. Malware experts have listed the Email Search Tools application as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). This application is an add-on compatible with the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome Web browsers.

If you install the Email Search Tools extension, you will see a button in your browser that will redirect you to your Gmail inbox. After looking into the Email Search Tools application, security analysts concluded that this tool is not compatible with other email services apart from Gmail. The Email Search Tools application may use an invisible icon in the menu of your Web browser, as this makes it more likely for the user never to spot the presence of this tool. Once the Email Search Tools extension is installed, it will tamper with your Web browser settings. This is not the behavior of a legitimate add-on, as a genuine tool would not alter your settings automatically. The Email Search Tools application will change your default search engine with an affiliated website –

This Web browser extension does not contain any unique features that will help you optimize your browsing experience, so it is best to avoid installing it.


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