PUP.Eco, is a potentially unwanted program that may have been created to promote and generate traffic a search engine site, The site may have sponsored links or advertisements present on it and its search results, which may be misleading to some computer users.

Once the components associated with PUP.Eco ( are loaded on a computer, it may modify settings or load the site as a default home page or new tab page. The site may filter its search results through, which could also be misleading to some where the results returned are in fact ones that were sent through the search site. The associated components may be loaded when installing freeware apps or bundled software obtained from download sites, usually third-party.

Keeping components related to or PUP.Eco is not recommended by computer security experts as it is deemed a potentially unwanted program. However, some computer users may find useful for its search features, which are essentially ones that to though the popular search engine site.


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