Easy Gaming App

The Easy Gaming App Web browser extension is among the countless fake extensions that target less tech-savvy users worldwide. In the case of the Easy Gaming App, its creators are claiming that users who install this extension will be granted access to a large gaming library that consists of numerous games. However, the operators of the Easy Gaming App extension make it seem that they are providing users with unique games when this is not the case certainly. The games that can be accessed via the Easy Gaming App extension are free to play games that are available online. Since all the games that the Easy Gaming App extension offers are freely available and one click away already, there is no need for users to install this dodgy extension as it provides no value.

Delivers Less Relevant Search Results

Once the users install the Easy Gaming App extension, they may notice that this application makes certain changes on their Web browser. This dodgy extension would tamper with your Web browser settings without notifying you and change your new tab page. This is a common trick used by fake browser extensions as it forces users into utilizing a sponsored third-party search engine. The Easy Gaming App extension redirects users to Query.easygamingapptab.com and Search.easygamingapptab.com. These two pages would deliver results to the user with the help of the Yahoo search engine. Users should know that the results delivered by third-party search engines are often not nearly as relevant as they attempt to push promoted products and services instead of showing the organic search results. Furthermore, it is likely that the authors of the Easy Gaming App extension are gathering data regarding your browsing habits as it would help them deliver more relevant advertisements and increase their chances of you interacting with their advertisements.

The Easy Gaming App can be classified as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program), and it is best to remove it from your system as soon as possible. The activity of the Easy Gaming App cannot be considered unsafe, but it will, nonetheless, impact your browsing quality negatively. This is why you should either remove this dodgy extension through your Web browser settings or download and install a reputable anti-malware tool that will make sure to remove the Easy Gaming App extension from your system safely.


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