The EasyConvert software may be marketed to Web surfers as the perfect conversion tool that can transform Microsoft Word files and images to PDF format. The EasyConvert application is made available to Google Chrome users for free via its official page on the Chrome Web store — https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/easyconvert/jfgkpeobcmjlocjpfgocelimhppdmigj. The official site for the EasyConvert app can be found via the URL http://thedoctopdf.com/doctopdf_ds_p/doctopdf_ds/n/zz. You should note that the homepage for the EasyConvert program can be loaded properly in Google Chrome only. There are no versions of EasyConvert for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer at the time of writing this.

The EasyConvert application is listed under the category 'Search Tools' on the Chrome Webstore as it is programmed to change your default search provider to http://srchbar.com/?q={searchTerms}. The EasyConvert application may change your new tab page to an offline page loaded from the extensions directory as 'chrome://easyconvert/jfgkpeobcmjlocjpfgocelimhppdmigj/index.html.' The EasyConvert program is free to use, and you are not required to pay for the conversion service. However, your Internet activity is monetized through sponsored search results and changing your primary search provider to Srchbar.com. You should note that the installation notification from the Chrome Webstore offers the following warning:

'Add "EasyConvert"?
It can:
Read nad change al lyour data on the websites you visit
Change your search settings to: srchbar.com
Read and change your bookmarks
Manage your apps, extensions, and themes'

The EasyConvert application manifests as a new icon in the navigation panel, which loads quick commands for converting text and images to PDF and vice versa, as well as an option to view PDF documents in your browser directly. The company behind EasyConvert is listed as ironSource Ltd. at http://support.thedoctopdf.com/pp.html, and it appears to deal with application monetization technologies primarily. You may be shown targeted promotional materials on your new tab and inside the EasyConvert drop-down menu. EasyConvert from thedoctopdf.com is deemed as a Potentially Unwanted program (PUP) that might drop persistent tracking cookies on your devices and push unwanted advertisements on your screen. You may need a credible anti-spyware instrument to delete the EasyConvert software.

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