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'' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Adware

Are '' pop-ups troubling you whenever you start your web browser? These unwanted pop-ups may be caused by several reasons, but the most likely cause of this issue may be the presence of adware or a browser hijacker on your computer. The features a web page that offers users to download an up-to-date Flash Player version that is supposed to enhance their online video viewing experience. However, the update hosted there is fake, and there is no telling what cyber threat may be disguised as the installation file of Flash Player.

The low-level threats that may bring the '' pop-ups and redirects to your computer may tamper with your web browser's configuration, forcing it to transfer you to whenever you attempt to open a new tab or browse specific web pages. The landing page used by looks legitimate as it contains a license agreement, download link, and detailed information about the Flash Player update hosted there. Although the download may seem trustworthy, you must not download any of the files provided by! They may be infected with malicious software, so the best course of action is to close the '' pop-ups or web browser tab. If these pop-ups appear more than once, then they may be caused by adware or a browser hijacker, so it is advised to scan your computer for infections.


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