Eadywritic.top is a rogue website whose only purpose is to convince users to subscribe to its browser notifications. After that, it starts delivering countless advertisements and banners to its subscribers’ mobile phones or computers directly. The advertising content presented by this browser-based tactic deteriorates users’ browsing experience, but it can be hazardous as well. Notifications generated by Eadywritic.top often contain redirecting scripts to potentially corrupted websites or such that install various malware threats on the user’s computer.

When users visit Eadywritic.top, they see the following message:

'Eadywritic.top wants to Show notifications
Click Allow to confirm that you are not a robot!'

This fake warning pretends to be a verification testing that the user is a human. However, by clicking on the “Allow” button, users actually give the website permission to send them the potentially harmful browser notifications.

Internet users do not land on Eadywritic.top intentionally; rather, they are sent there by an infected advertisement or an adware threat installed on their computers. Most adware programs are equipped with additional features that may cause users' severe privacy issues, like collecting browsing data. Malware experts recommend using a certified anti-virus application to detect and remove adware and other potentially unwanted tools.


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