Eadytherlayr.club is a website that does not contain any valuable information, media or utilities. This is an empty website that may claim to host engaging content to trick users into visiting it.

Users who try to open the Eadytherlayr.club website and view the content it claims to host will be greeted by a bogus security prompt. Often, sites like the Eadytherlayr.club page would state that the users need to prove that they are not a robot before they are granted access to its content. The Eadytherlayr.club website will ask the users to click on the ‘Allow’ button on their screen to prove their legitimacy. However, doing so will permit the Eadytherlayr.club website to send Web browser push-notifications. This can be very annoying as the Eadytherlayr.club page will spam you with unwanted advertisements that may promote a variety of dodgy products and overly expensive services.

Open the settings of your Web browser and revoke the permissions granted to the Eadytherlayr.club website. This will prevent the shady website from spamming you with advertisements.


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