By GoldSparrow in Trojans

The curiously named E1BC.tmp malware is a Trojan that is not only able to ruin your day, but quite possibly the week too. The primary purpose of E1BC.tmp is to introduce additional malware to the system. Like most Trojans, E1BC.tmp is distributed in a variety of ways; phishing emails, infected links, questionable ads and drive-by downloads are merely a few of the propagation methods employed by E1BC.tmp. Once on the computer, E1BC.tmp will immediately manipulate the Windows Registry and make itself a start-up program. Furthermore, E1BC.tmp may also modify the Windows settings, weakening the system defenses and opening backdoors. As a result of the manipulations employed by E1BC.tmp, the computer performance may be impacted. Your mileage may vary depending on the hardware configuration. Even though all of the mentioned effects are intrusive and annoying, as already mentioned the primary purpose of E1BC.tmp is to introduce additional threats. By connecting to a remote server, E1BC.tmp will try to download and install malware on the affected computer. The type of threats may vary greatly from relatively harmless PUPs to threats of a much higher caliber. Suffice to say, allowing E1BC.tmp free reign over a computer is not at all advised. The best way to deal with E1BC.tmp is to have an adequate defense system-a reliable and updated anti-virus application will protect your system from the malevolent denizens of the Internet.


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