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Dupzom Trojan

By GoldSparrow in Trojans

The Dupzom Trojan is a threat that was first spotted over a decade ago, back in 2019. The goal of the Dupzom Trojan is to serve as an initial payload, which will then help the attackers plant more threats in the infiltrated system. There have been several key updates released in the 10-years that the Dupzom Trojan has been active. One of the most recent, significant updates was released in 2015.

When the Dupzom Trojan infiltrates a targeted computer, it may not proceed with planting additional malware immediately. It is likely that the Dupzom Trojan will operate in the background for a while silently before taking the next step. The Dupzom Trojan will gain persistence on the compromised computer via a new Registry key. The Registry key in question would make sure that the Dupzom Trojan is up and running every time the users restart their systems. The Dupzom Trojan is likely to be used alongside various RATs (Remote Access Trojans), infostealers, backdoor Trojans, data-locking Trojans, etc. As we mentioned, the goal of the Dupzom Trojan is to inject other threats in the compromised PC, which may end up causing permanent damage to the user's system or data.

If you want to avoid falling victim to the Dupzom Trojan, you should invest in a genuine, modern anti-virus software suite. Also, do not forget to apply regular updates to all your applications to avoid being vulnerable to cyber attacks.


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