DuckRAT is a tool that allows remote access and control over target computers. Although there are legit Remote Administration Tools (RATs), malware researchers have classified DuckRAT as a threatening piece of software, as it has been observed to perform a variety of harmful actions on affected devices. The creators of this Remote Administration Trojan (RAT) typically spread it through infected online advertisements. However, other popular proliferation methods include social engineering attacks where corrupted files are attached to spam e-mail messages. Users also can get infected with a RAT by fake software updates or' cracks."

DuckRAT interacts with the Windows Registry and, thus, it can take unsolicited control over the systems' hardware and software. It means that this malware threat can modify crucial system settings, values, and options according to the cybercriminals' intentions. For example, DuckRAT can manipulate the keyboard and the mouse, make audio/video recordings by turning on connected webcams or microphones, open/close the CD-ROM, etc. Furthermore, this RAT can open, execute, or delete applications, terminate running processes, and perform the same actions with personal and system files. These capabilities imply that the malware can start a chain infection, deploying additional threats like Trojans, keyloggers or Ransomware on the infected machine. In addition, DuckRAT can extract the user information from browsers and other applications.

Due to its broad spectrum of threatening capabilities and stealthy operation, DuckRAT has enormous damage potential that can lead to substantial financial losses and severe privacy issues. If you suspect that your system is infected with DuckRAT, use an anti-virus program to remove this malware threat immediately.


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