Threat Database Browser Hijackers

By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

There have been a number of complaints from computer users indicating that their computer is forcing them to visit a low quality search engine repeatedly. This search engine has the URL and uses a design that is a knock-off of Google's characteristic design on a white background. However,'s search results are far from the quality one can expect from Google and other legitimate search engines. This is because is designed to display search results that are, in large part, covered with sponsored links.

The Main Problem Concerning Redirects

If the problem with is that this website displays unreliable search results, then the solution would be obvious: simply stop visiting and use one of the many reputable search engines instead. However, most computer users do not have this option. This is because is usually associated with a browser hijacker. This is a kind of malicious application that makes changes to the victim's computer that forces the computer user to visit repeatedly. For example, browser hijackers associated with will typically change the victim's homepage to, meaning that will pop up on the victim's web browser as soon as it is launched. will also cause browser redirects, forcing the computer user to visit when he/she clicks on a link, attempts to execute an online search or enters an URL into the address bar.

Most computer users having problems with browser hijackers will typically have become infected after downloading a freeware application. Typically, scammers will bundle browser hijackers and other unwanted programs with freeware applications. Although, sometimes, it is possible to opt out of installing these unwanted add-ons, careless installation procedures typically result in a browser hijacker on the victim's computer. It is important to note that these kinds of infections can come from even reputable freeware programs that are widely used. Because of this, software should be downloaded directly from the manufacturer and custom installation should be chosen to ensure that no unwanted applications are being installed.


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