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Dr. Wolf Internet Security

The Dr. Wolf Internet Security is advertised as been capable of preventing malware, Trojans, spyware, ransomware, and other harmful applications from infecting a computer. These are functions that a real anti-malware program do. However, the features it allegedly possesses are not real. Fake security software like the Dr. Wolf Internet Security was very common a while ago. However, due to the efforts of the security community all around the world, they almost disappeared from the harmful applications scenario. Nevertheless, sometimes the crooks try their luck and release fake applications in an attempt to make easy money without taking into consideration the harm they will cause to innocent computer users.

The Dr. Wolf Internet Security, which is considered a Possibly Unwanted Program (PUP) can find its way to a computer when its users download and install a bogus flash player installer, click on compromised advertisements or install freeware from unchecked sources.

Once inside a computer, the Dr. Wolf Internet Security will pretend to scan the machine and display scary scan results containing fake threat detections, bugs, and other computer problems. Then, the Dr. Wolf Internet Security will try to accomplish its objective; it offers technical support to solve the issues, but not for free. However, the crooks behind Dr. Wolf Internet Security may use other means to generate profit; they can display unwanted, sponsored advertisements and collect information about the computer users' search queries, which they can sell to advertisers. PUPs like Dr. Wolf Internet Security can slow down an affected machine due to the use of its resources, collect data about the affected machine such as IP address, geolocation and visited websites and install threatening applications.

The Dr. Wolf Internet Security also can be downloaded and installed by gullible computer users, which will notice that it doesn't do what was promised. Therefore, no matter if the Dr. Wolf Internet Security was introduced to the infected machine by its users or just found other ways to get inside it, the Dr. Wolf Internet Security application should be removed as quickly as possible to avoid further harm.

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