Threat Database Adware DragonCoupon


By GoldSparrow in Adware

The DragonCoupon software by is promoted as a budget-friendly tool that can help online shoppers to feel less stressed when buying goods online. The Dragon Coupon browser application has several features that classify DragonCoupon as adware with the chief among them being the aggressive display of marketing materials. Through DragonCoupon, PC users may be interrupted from surfing the internet due to its advertisements or pop-ups displaying when viewing various Web pages. Loading of DragonCoupon may come by means of installing a various freeware program or bundled software downloaded from the Internet. Upon loading such software, DragonCoupon may then load and cause several pop-ups to display, potentially reducing performance of your Web browser thus making it difficult to surf the Internet in some cases. DragonCoupon may also load unwanted pages as a redirect if any of the advertisements are used or clicked on. Putting a stop to the DragonCoupon advertisements may require the computer user to find related plugins or add-on components and removing each of them. If this does not suffice, the automatic removal process from an anti-spyware application may be needed.


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