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Dragonblood Vulnerability

By GoldSparrow in Vulnerability

The Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) is a security certification application created by the Wi-Fi Alliance initially to protect the wireless networks of computers. Then it evolved to WPA2, which was considered 'broken' by researchers, and its last version is the WPA3, which was intended to enhance its use by simplifying it, as well as the strength of its cryptography.

However, the WPA3 has a vulnerability that was exposed by security experts, which was called the Dragonblood Vulnerability, besides other notices flaws, which permit an attacker to break the passwords of Wi-Fi networks and have access to the network traffic within the devices that are part of the invaded network.

The threatening aspect of this vulnerability is that the hackers can use it to collect sensitive information such as emails, passwords, chat messages, credit card numbers and use it to perform harmful actions or sell it on the Black Market. Fortunately, the operators of these devices are creating patches that will fix these vulnerabilities. However, until they are applied, computer owners should protect their machines and networks with a dedicated anti-malware product.


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