Dpatrict.pro is a browser-based tactic with the singular goal of delivering unsolicited advertisements to the users who fall for its tricks. The crux of the tactic is tricking the unsuspecting visitors into subscribing to this otherwise empty website's push notification. To set up this subscription, they must click the 'Allow' button in any of the fake alert messages generated by Dpatrict.pro. To make the alerts seem more legitimate, various social-engineering techniques are employed. 

Dpactrict.pro, specifically, uses the most popular one where it poses an anti-bot check stating that the user should 'Click Allow to confirm that you are not a robot!

 Once Dpactrict.pro has received the required permissions given to it by the user when they click the 'Allow' button, Dpatrict.pro will execute its plan and start displaying pop-up advertisements on its screen. Depending on the circumstances, some users may find it rather disruptive to have advertisements for shady Web-based casinos, adult websites, fake update packages for popular applications, etc. emerging on their devices constantly. Especially when even closing the browser will not be enough to stop them from appearing. 

 To return the affected device to normal will require the user to open the 'Settings' menu of the browser and revoke all of the permissions that Dpatrict.com had managed to receive.


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