Threat Database Trojans Downloader.Generic10.BDJ


By CagedTech in Trojans

Threat Scorecard

Threat Level: 90 % (High)
Infected Computers: 29
First Seen: December 15, 2014
Last Seen: August 27, 2022
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Downloader.Generic10.BDJ is a very treacherous Trojan, targeting Windows operating computers regardless of the OS version. The invasive threat relies on sneaky methods to enter your system. After Downloader.Generic10.BDJ reaches your PC, Downloader.Generic10.BDJ may harm important windows files and disorder the functionality of various programs. The cyber crooks operating Downloader.Generic10.BDJ, may gain access to your valuable information and use it for their harmful goals.

How does Downloader.Generic10.BDJ Reach its Victims?

Downloader.Generic10.BDJ enters your system without you being aware. This pesky infection may be downloaded unwittingly by visiting compromised sites or following corrupted links. Usually, Downloader.Generic10.BDJ Reach is contained in various freeware programs that attract the user's attention. Downloader.Generic10.BDJ may be disguised as a legit additional program or may be inserted into the main software. This is why it is a safety measure to read the details when installing a program and uncheck applications in case you are not sure about them. On no occasion should you use cracked versions of paid programs, because almost always there is a threatening program inserted in them. Watch out for suspicious e-mail attachments as victims report that Downloader.Generic10.BDJ appeared after they opened such. The authors often rely on surprise - if you receive an e-mail about winning large amount of money, just ignore it as it is a hoax. Other popular methods include fake video codecs or rogue Java/Flash player updates from suspicious sites. If you are unaware whether you have the latest version of these programs, go directly to the original page and download the software from there. There are even occasions when the hackers used SEO poisoning to promote Downloader.Generic10.BDJ. SEO poisoning is a method used where a corrupt link appears on top of the search results and leads to malware.

Which Characteristics of Downloader.Generic10.BDJ Make It Such a Severe Threat?

After being successfully installed, Downloader.Generic10.BDJ starts gathering two types of information. The first type includes all the configuration data from your system - the IP address, the version of the OS and all the installed programs (especially your anti-virus software). All this vital data is sent to a remote server. This may provide third parties with a backdoor to your computer and make their mission easier to achieve. The second type of information they seek consists of the precious data stored on the infected computer. This means credit card information, passwords and even personal files that may attract the attention of the hackers. If you don't take the proper actions, you put at stake your entire Internet identity and your money.

Moreover, Downloader.Generic10.BDJ may find vulnerabilities in your computer and use them in order to download additional threatening programs in your system. The remote access to your PC provides the Trojan's developers with endless possibilities to harm your computer. This is why experts always recommend the use of the latest versions of your programs, especially security software.

Once Downloader.Generic10.BDJ is installed, Downloader.Generic10.BDJ spreads its threatening codes deep into your operating system. Downloader.Generic10.BDJ alters the Windows Registry files and adds itself to the list of programs that start automatically with every Windows boot. As Downloader.Generic10.BDJ pursues its malignant intentions, Downloader.Generic10.BDJ seizes a significant part of your computer resources. This is why your programs may work noticeably slower than usual, and you may experience random freezes and even fatal errors. Downloader.Generic10.BDJ creates threatening rootkits deep into the core files of your OS. This makes the processes and files associated with this Trojan difficult to be detected and removed. Also, your Windows will be incapable of performing many important tasks. Downloader.Generic10.BDJ may cripple your anti-virus program by killing its essential processes or tampering with them.

Even if the antivirus program can detect Downloader.Generic10.BDJ, it may not be able to remove the threat because of the corrupted files. The vicious Trojan denies the user from Administrator access to the system. This means that if the user succeeds in locating the main malware file, he may not be able to delete it manually because of the restricted access. What is more, Downloader.Generic10.BDJ may modify its configuration files often in order to meet the constantly evolving anti-virus programs.

How to Remove Downloader.Generic10.BDJ Permanently?

There is no reliable way to delete Downloader.Generic10.BDJ manually as Downloader.Generic10.BDJ modifies too many important files. Deleting any of them may result in severe system malfunction or even worse - your Windows may not be able to load at all. In this case, you may lose everything on your computer. For this reason, experts do not recommend attempting to resolve the issue on your own.

It is better to use a proven anti-malware application, capable of eradicating the threat and all files associated with Downloader.Generic10.BDJ and make your computer function properly again. Besides, as cyber crooks are getting more and more aggressive with their threatening programs, it is crucial to have a powerful real-time protection. A program as this will notify you every time a suspicious or harmful program attempts to enter your system.


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