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The URL is linked to a pop-up message that will try to convince you to download a fake update for your software. The error message associated with is used to distribute Potentially Unwanted Programs, although bogus error messages claiming to offer software upgrades are among the most common ways of distributing threats and other more risky components. Because of this, computer users should definitely avoid agreeing to any software upgrades offered in pop-up messages like those associated with, particularly supposed upgrades for your Web browser, operating system or media player (especially Flash Player).

If the message appears on your computer, this may indicate that your machine has been infected with a PUP or that you are visiting an unsafe website. Computer users recommend ignoring the instructions on messages associated with and treating pop-ups and redirects as symptoms of PUPs or even threatening components installed on your computer. PUPs associated with should be deleted right away and getting the help of an effective security guard will let you be sure that no components associated with them remain installed on the affected computer.

Where Pop-Ups Come From

The appearance of's pop-ups on a computer may indicate that you are visiting an unsafe website, or they may indicate that a PUP linked to is installed on your computer. If the's pop-ups are appearing when you visit one particular website or type of website, then this probably indicates that the website you are visiting has been compromised or includes unsafe or poorly regulated advertising content. Typical unsafe websites that may contain this kind of content may include pornographic websites, Web pages associated with illegal file sharing or online casinos or other unsafe operations. If's pop-ups are appearing regardless of the websites you visit, and even on websites that are legitimate and should not contain these types of advertisements, then this indicates that a PUP is installed on your computer.


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