By LoneStar in Browser Hijackers

The URL is associated with suspicious error messages that will try to convince you to download fake updates for your software. Websites like are used to carry out social engineering tactics that end with the installation of Potentially Unwanted Programs on the affected computer. While the computer user uses the affected Web browser, repeated bogus error messages will pop up in new Web browser windows, claiming that it is necessary to download and install an update for Java, the affected Web browser, the computer user's media player or other software. Malware analysts strongly advise computer users to ignore the message's instructions. Downloading content by agreeing to messages linked to results in the installation of PUPs on the affected computer.

Pop-up advertisements and Other Unwanted Content Linked to

The main purpose of advertisements is to profit at your expense by displaying advertising content on the affected computer. There are several tactics that marketers and criminals may use to profit through and PUPs linked to this URL, including the following:

  • PUPs associated with may cause numerous problems on the affected computer, including frequent crashes and slowing it down. This may occur because they are commonly designed poorly and may conflict with other software or take up system resources and bandwidth in a disruptive manner that causes problems with your software.
  • PUPs linked to may display repeated pop-up windows on the affected Web browser. pop-ups are quite disruptive and may interrupt the computer users' activity repeatedly with advertisements and suspicious error messages.
  • PUPs associated with may cause browser redirects and other problems that involve taking away computer users' control over their own Web browser.
  • One particularly worrying aspect of advertisements is that they are often used together with components that may track your online activity, browsing history, browser settings and other kind of information. This data may then be sold to a third party who may use it for market research.


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