The creators of the website rely on an old low-level tactic to achieve their goal – hijack the user’s Web browser notifications. The trick they use is the so-called ‘Click Allow to Continue’ scheme. The website will likely claim to be hosting a video or a stream that would be of interest to the users, to convince them to visit this shady page.

Once the users open the website, they will see a fake video player that appears to be loading the content they were looking for. However, the page will claim that the users will be unable to view the content unless they follow the instructions on their screens. Next, the visitor will be required to click on the ‘Allow’ button to proceed. However, doing so would allow the site to display Web browser notifications. The creators of the site generate cash by spamming their visitors with unwanted advertisements via their Web browser notifications. The push-notifications affiliated with the page are not only frustrating, but they tend to push unsafe products and services like fake dating sites, dodgy gambling platforms, pornographic content, bogus giveaways, etc. Do not click on any of the advertisements linked to the activity of the site.

To stop the constant advertisement spam affiliated with the site, make sure to revoke all the permissions given to this shady page via your Web browser settings.


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