By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers Image

The site is owned by the Dynamic Internet Technology, Inc. company and is suited to Chinese-speaking users. Since the Chinese government is censoring open access to the Internet of its citizens, the site offers users to download a VPN client called Freegate and open any page on the Web. The Freegate program acts as a network adapter that may modify your DNS configuration and change your proxy settings to bypass the censorship by the Chinese government. You may have installed the Freegate VPN client by Dynamic Internet Technology, Inc. and it may have altered your homepage and new tab page preferences in Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. The Freegate app may have browser hijacking capabilities and redirect you to articles at and blogs on the Weibo social network. You may want to inspect your 'Programs and Features' panel in Windows for the Freegate program and review your Internet settings.

There are corrupted versions of the Freegate application that are associated with Tearspear and Rapidstealer, and you need to be careful with the articles on because you may be provided with phishing messages and corrupted links. The browser hijacking application linked to may run as a portable program and be listed as a startup service on the MSCONFIG window. The browser hijacker may use tracking cookies to help affiliate advertisers show commercials that may be related to your recent search history and interests. You may not need the Freegate VPN client if you are not a Chinese citizen or do not use the Weibo social media. The browser hijacker may have installed its files in the AppData folder and loaded pop-ups by every time you opened a new tab page. You can deal with the browser hijacker and remove the Freegate app by using a trusted anti-spyware tool to clean your PC.


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