Description is the domain name of a bogus website. This page does not contain any worthwhile content but may claim to do so in order to trick users into visiting it. The administrators of the website use a scam known as 'Please Click Allow to Continue' to mislead users into subscribing for the fake site's Web browser notifications.

When you open the site, you will see a fake security prompt. The website claims that the visitor needs to confirm that they are not a robot by clicking on the 'Allow' button displayed on their screen. This trick is used by countless websites that run the same scam as the page. If the user falls for the trick and clicks' Allow,' they will subscribe to the Web browser notifications of the website. This inevitably results in ad-spam initiated by the bogus page. It is likely that the site promoted unsafe services and dodgy products, so it is better to ignore the ads spawned by this page.

Revoking all permissions granted to this site via the settings of your Web browser will help prevent the page from spamming you with ads.