Threat Scorecard

Threat Level: 10 % (Normal)
Infected Computers: 2
First Seen: May 27, 2014
Last Seen: January 9, 2021
OS(es) Affected: Windows

DoctoAntivirus Image

DoctoAntivirus is a rogue security application. DoctoAntivirus makes it quite difficult for computer users to access their files and connect to the Internet normally. DoctoAntivirus displays fake threat detections and security notifications, warning that the victim's machine is infested with threats. DoctoAntivirus does this to convince inexperienced PC users that a 'full version' of DoctoAntivirus needs to be acquired. It is important to understand that DoctoAntivirus is not a real anti-virus program. DoctoAntivirus does not have the capacity to detect or remove threats and is, in fact, considered a threat itself by PC security researchers. Because of this, ignore all of DoctoAntivirus' notifications and instead, use an efficient anti-malware utility and remove DoctoAntivirus immediately from your PC.

DoctoAntivirus – The Doctor that Brings Disease to Your Computer

Rogue security programs like DoctoAntivirus are among the most common types of online deceiving tactics. These usually take advantage of computer users that are inexperienced or not familiar with how genuine anti-virus programs work. Their main objective is to entice the PC user into buying an activation code which, in reality does nothing. In the case that you already have purchased the fake 'full version' of DoctoAntivirus, it is usually possible to contact your credit card company to report this hoax and receive a refund. Rogue security programs like DoctoAntivirus are designed to trick computer users into thinking that there are threats on their computer by displaying fake system scans and error messages.

It is important to note that DoctoAntivirus may be associated with other threats and unwanted components. If you allow DoctoAntivirus to remain on your computer, it increases the risk of becoming infected with other types of threats. It is also important to remember that DoctoAntivirus may cause other symptoms besides its fake error messages. DoctoAntivirus will try to convince you that your computer is in danger by affecting its performance. Computers affected by DoctoAntivirus may become slow, unresponsive and prone to freezing or crashing. Computer users may also find that DoctoAntivirus prevents them from opening their files or connecting to the Internet normally, displaying error messages when computer users try to do so.


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