Division Search

Division Search Description

Division Search is a browser hijacker designed to promote the fake search engine divisionsearch.com. This Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA) affects most popular Internet browsers, and it can cause severe cybersecurity and privacy issues. Once installed on a device, Division Search undertakes some specific modifications in the browser's settings: it sets its fake search tool's URL as the new homepage, new tab address, and new default search engine. These changes mean that each time the victim launches their browser, they will be forced to visit this unsafe website.

Furthermore, Division Search will redirect all user searches through divisionsearch.com. This feature ensures that the malware generates artificial traffic and advertising revenue for its creators while putting users' online safety at risk. As fake search tools like this, one cannot generate unique results; they derive the legit search engine's displayed results. Yet, the presented page is usually injected with irrelevant pages and links to potentially unsafe websites.

Programs like Division Search are considered potentially unwanted due to their questionable means of distribution. Their creators usually bundle them within freeware as additional downloads, so they often get installed on computers without the user's consent. Many of them extract sensitive user information and browsing data. Obviously, Division Search should be removed as soon as possible from affected devices through a professional anti-malware program.

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