The administrators of the Distrevolumn.club website run a low-level online con often referred to as the 'Please Click Allow to Continue' tactic. Websites like the Distrevolumn.club page do not offer any meaningful content to their visitors as their only purpose is to hijack their Web browser notifications.

If you open the Distrevolumn.club site, you will see a fake security prompt insisting that you click on the 'Allow' button. This is presented as a CAPTCHA test that needs to be completed before the user is granted access to the website. However, the goal of this prompt is not to keep the page secure but to trick the user into subscribing for the site's notifications. If you allow the Distrevolumn.club site to send you push-notifications via your Web browser, the dodgy page will not hesitate to spam you with unwanted advertisements, which often promote low-quality services and unsafe products.

It is advisable to revoke all permissions granted to this website via the settings of your Web browser. This will prevent the Distrevolumn.club site from spamming you with advertisements every time you use your computer.


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