Threat Database Browser Hijackers

Countless shady individuals make a living using dubious tricks on the Internet. Among them are authors of websites that are designed to generate traffic for affiliated pages solely by tricking their visitors to allow the dodgy site to display Web browser notifications. One of these sites is called

Trick Users into Thinking that They are Completing a Captcha

Upon visiting the site, users may find it strange that there does not appear to be any content present on the page. However, the page contains several hidden subpages that do most of the work. Once the user opens one of these concealed pages, they will be asked to confirm that they are not a robot by displaying an ‘Allow’ button, that is designed to trick visitors into thinking that they are completing a harmless captcha. That said, the ‘Allow’ button does not serve as a captcha, but to grant the website permission to display Web browser notifications. Falling for this trick, the computer users will permit the page to spam them with advertisements whenever they are browsing the Web. The advertisements displayed by shady sites like the page are often unwanted and irrelevant, but sometimes they can promote potentially threatening content such as fake, overpriced services that may cost the user hundreds of dollars or expensive low-quality products, which may be nothing like what they are presented to be.

If you are being spammed with unwanted advertisements by the website, we would advise you to ignore the products and services that are being promoted strongly and revoke all permissions given to this dodgy page via your Web browser settings immediately.


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