DevilRobber Trojan

DevilRobber Trojan Description

The DevilRobber Trojan is a malware infection that is distributed disguised as PixelMator. This graphic manipulation and conversion program is widely used. The DevilRobber Trojan's creators have taken advantage of this by disguising their dangerous Trojan as a version of this application. According to ESG PC security researchers, this phenomenon first received widespread attention on the 17th of November 2011. Previous versions of the DevilRobber Trojan were distributed by bundling them within graphic editing applications similar to Pixelmator. However, the latest version of the DevilRobber Trojan is simply disguised as PixelMator without containing any of its elements or capabilities. The fake version of the PixelMator graphic editing application is really a Trojan downloader. Once launched, this Trojan communicates with remote FTP servers and downloads and installs the DevilRobber Trojan onto the infected computer system.

How Criminals Profit from the DevilRobber Trojan

The DevilRobber Trojan uses an online scam which consists of stealing from Bitcoin stores and taking advantage of infected computer systems, in order to create more Bitcoins. The DevilRobber Trojan can also steal passwords from the infected computer system, especially if the infected computer system contains a program designed to manage passwords for multiple accounts. While Bitcoin has been presented as a positive development in currency and monetary organization, malicious criminals can use malware such as the DevilRobber Trojan to seriously undermine these efforts. The DevilRobber Trojan has not been known to take screenshots or track keystrokes. Its workings, while dangerous, are also uncomplicated when it comes to malware infections. The DevilRobber Trojan directly downloads its payload from an FTP server and creates a backdoor which a criminal can then use to access the infected computer system.

Is Your Computer Infected With the DevilRobber Trojan?

The main symptom of a DevilRobber Trojan infection is an extreme slowing down of your computer system. If your computer becomes unstable and crashes frequently, this is also a possible sign that it has become infected with the DevilRobber Trojan. This malware threat has been known to infect both Macs and computers with the Windows operating system. ESG security researchers recommend downloading the latest security updates both for your operating system and for your security programs. The DevilRobber Trojan has been known to be removed with the latest Microsoft Security Essentials updates, for example. However, most malware does not attack alone; chances are that, if you are infected with the DevilRobber Trojan, that your computer contains other dangerous malware. Because of this, a full scan of your hard drives is recommended in the event of a possible DevilRobber Trojan infection.

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