Threat Database Fake Error Messages 'Device initialization failed' Fake Alert

'Device initialization failed' Fake Alert

By GoldSparrow in Fake Error Messages

The 'Device initialization failed' fake alert is a bogus error message displayed by File Restore, a rogue system optimization application. There are many fake error messages associated with File Restore and its clones. These error messages are designed to scare inexperienced computer users into paying for this useless fake security application. The 'Device initialization failed' fake alert is a small error message displayed in the lower right corner of the computer screen that attempts to make the victim believe that there is something seriously wrong with the infected computer's hard drive. ESG security researchers strongly advise computer users to disregard the 'Device initialization failed' fake alert. Rather than indicating that your hard drive failed to initialize, it is actually a characteristic that means there's the presence of malware on your machine. If your PC is displaying the 'Device initialization failed' fake alert, you should use an updated anti-malware tool to remove File Restore or any other fake security software from your computer.

File Restore is a kind of malware infection known as a rogue security program. This fake system optimization tool pretends the 'Device initialization failed' fake alert will display alarming error messages such as the 'Device initialization failed' fake alert in order to scare the computer user. File Restore also makes changes to the infected computer that allow the 'Device initialization failed' fake alert to start up automatically while also deliberately causing problems on the infected computer. Trying to use File Restore to solve these fake problems results in additional error messages alleging that the PC user needs to upgrade to a 'full version' of File Restore. However, since File Restore cannot detect or remove problems from your computer, it is advisable to delete this malware infection with the help of a reliable security application.

Despite of the alarming language of the 'Device initialization failed' fake alert and other error messages used by the File Restore rogue defragmenter there is probably nothing wrong with your computer's hardware. The main problem will probably be the File Restore application itself, which causes your computer to display fake error messages like the 'Device initialization failed' fake alert deliberately. To remove the 'Device initialization failed' fake alert, you should start up the infected computer in Safe Mode and then using a real anti-malware tool to scan and disinfect your computer.


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