Threat Database Browser Hijackers

The website is not a legitimate page that has any content to offer its visitors. Instead of providing its visitors with quality content, the site may end up diminishing their Web browsing quality.

The partakes in the ‘Click Allow to Continue’ low-level tactic that many dodgy websites worldwide utilize. The goal of this tactic is to hijack visitors’ Web browser notifications and use them to spam advertisements. The advertisements linked to the activity of the page are not to be trusted as this site is likely working in cooperation with dodgy advertisements networks who are in the business of promoting fake products and overpriced services. This is why experts advise users against clicking on any of the advertisements spawned by the website. Not only do the advertisements affiliated with the page promote dodgy products, but they also can be quite a pain in the neck. Some users report that even if they close their Web browser, the site will still bombard them with unwanted advertisements via their push-notifications.

To call a halt to the relentless spam advertisements linked to the activity of the site, open your Web browser configurations and revoke all the permissions you may have given this fake page.


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