The Dendroid RAT (Remote Access Trojan) is a threat that targets Android devices. This Trojan is able to provide its operators with full access to the compromised Android system. The developers behind the Dendroid RAT have decided against using it themselves. Instead, they offer this high-end Trojan online for other cyber crooks who are willing to pay the price. This is a very clever way of making revenue, as it goes a long way protecting the creators of the threat from persecution by law enforcement.

The authors of the Dendroid RAT offer this threat as a commodity in several different hacking forums. The Dendroid Trojan costs $300 as a one-time payment. The people who are willing to afford the price also will receive a lifetime license to use the tool, 24/7 technical support, as well as access to any future updates of the threat. One of the selling points of the Dendroid Trojan is that the individuals who purchase it do not need to be experienced in the field of cybercrime, as this tool is very simple to use. The utility offers a tool that is able to mask a corrupted APK file as a harmless document, which will allow the operators to propagate the threat easily. Having in mind that the Dendroid RAT can be purchased and distributed by anyone, it is safe to assume that it would be propagated using various tricks – bogus text messages, phishing emails, fake social media accounts/pages, compromised applications, etc.

Once the Dendroid RAT has compromised the targeted Android device successfully, its operators will be able to:

  • Launch applications.
  • Launch websites.
  • Browse the call logs.
  • Modify the call logs.
  • Dial phone numbers.
  • Send text messages.
  • Browse through text messages.
  • Receive notifications for new text messages.
  • Modify the RAT’s configuration so that it connects to a different C&C (Command & Control) server.
  • Record audio via the device’s microphone (including phone calls).
  • Record video via the device’s camera.
  • Launch a flood attack targeting a specific IP address or domain.

The Dendroid RAT is likely to grow in popularity as it is a highly functional Android hacking tool whose authors offer support and access to updates. If you want to protect your Android device from threats similar to the Dendroid RAT, it is advisable to obtain a reputable anti-virus application.


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