Description Image is a low quality search engine that has been linked to a potentially unwanted program that causes browser redirects and other undesirable symptoms on its victims' computers. One of the main symptoms associated with's toolbar is to have the infected web browser's homepage changed to without authorization. Toolbars or other software associated with should be removed with the assistance of a reliable anti-malware scanner. Although itself does not present a direct threat to a computer, the symptoms of its associated adware causes on a computer can lead to further problems.

Toolbars associated with are usually marketed as freeware toolbars that may be bundled along with legitimate applications. One of the reasons why browser hijackers linked to are the cause of worry is because they will seldom infect a computer alone, usually including other forms of malware in an infection. If you observe unauthorized changes to your web browser's settings or erratic behavior linked to, it is likely that your web browser has become infected with a malware infection. Some other risks associated with malware include harmful changes to your security settings, which may make your web browser more vulnerable to more serious threats and problems with web browser and computer performance.

Even though itself is not particularly dangerous, there are aspects of this low quality search engine that can place your computer at risk for other, more severe malware infections. Another dangerous aspect associated with is the fact that makes a computer more difficult to use, which can at least be irritating and, in a great number of cases, a serious hindrance to productivity and efficiency. A computer infected with adware may usually crash frequently and will have severe connection problems, including a decreased connection speed and problems loading websites. To stop problems associated with, the recommended course of action is to choose a good and updated anti-malware application to scan your computer and then to inspect your web browser settings in order to undo any changes made by browser hijackers related with

Aliases: PUP.Optional.Delta.A.

Technical Information

File System Details creates the following file(s):
# File Name Size MD5 Detection Count
1 %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\DSearchLink\DSearchLink.exe 154,112 30b9bd7cd6f7a4395a22b5d8907f302c 3,192
2 %LOCALAPPDATA%DeltaToolbar.exe 729,128 b151a333168d05ab0216ac0c7d11f8f4 746
3 DeltaTB_cln(1).exe 786,416 e3bb0f9b18d7580057ead9f575c532b6 0
4 DeltaTB_cln.exe 733,224 a822e6c7ede44a744eb4b5784fabbc93 0
More files

Registry Details creates the following registry entry or registry entries:
Registry key
Software\delta LTD
Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Approved Extensions\{82E1477C-B154-48D3-9891-33D83C26BCD3}
Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Approved Extensions\{C1AF5FA5-852C-4C90-812E-A7F75E011D87}
Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\DOMStorage\
Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\LowRegistry\DOMStorage\
SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\{82E1477C-B154-48D3-9891-33D83C26BCD3}
SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\MSConfig\startupreg\NTRedirect
SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{C1AF5FA5-852C-4C90-812E-A7F75E011D87}
SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Low Rights\ElevationPolicy\{348C2DF3-1191-4C3E-92A6-B3A89A9D9C85}
SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\{82E1477C-B154-48D3-9891-33D83C26BCD3}
SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{C1AF5FA5-852C-4C90-812E-A7F75E011D87}
File name without path
Regexp file mask
%LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\fbennejjfefanmaioeeicgikmfomeenf
Delta Chrome Toolbar

More Details on

The following cookies were found:

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  • Wanda Mash:

    I would like to delete

  • Rita:

    Thank you for your information.I think my computer has been affected and I do not know what to do,it crashes most of the time and is very slow.


    I want to UNinstall DELTA TOOLBAR and it dont want to uninstall??

    This Dedta Toolbar is messing with my Websites I am working on and everytime I click to complete stuff this Denta Toolbar Support opens up and dont know what to do

  • Ricardo Ascoeta:

    Deseo eliminar el malware delta-serch de mi pc. Siempre abre una pagina antes que ninguna otra y sin autorización. Si pueden ayudarme les agradeceré.
    Ricardo Ascoeta

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