Threat Database Vulnerability Deletebug exploit

Deletebug exploit

By GoldSparrow in Vulnerability

A zero-day vulnerability named Deletebug by security researches, which still unpatched, was uncovered recently. The Deletebug vulnerability is only present on Windows 10 and 2016 and 2019 servers. When exploited, Deletebug the attackers can disable any file type on the victims' computers, even if it is a system file. The flaw, which is a zero-day vulnerability in the Microsoft Data Sharing Services (dssvc. dll) that wasn't patched by Microsoft yet, also allows the attackers to obtain high access to resources that are kept safe from a user or program. By exploiting Deletebug, the attackers may disable programs' libraries and replace it with their corrupted library, which endangers the data stored on the affected machine.

Although Microsoft didn't release a patch for the Deletebug vulnerability, a company named SandboxEscapers has released a micro patch that by fixing the code on dssvc.dll is able to disable the operation since a user with low-privilege doesn't have permission to disable pci.sys in the system folder, based on the the fact that it was performed without enactment primarily. Zero-day vulnerabilities appear very often and can be exploited for a while, without restriction, and this is why it is critical to scan a computer by using an updated security program and app[ly all released patches to keep your data safe.


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