deepMiner Cryptojacking

The deepMiner Cryptojacking refers to a tactic where a website contains corrupted scripts that use crypto-mining software to take over the visitors' computer's resources to mine crypto-currency. These attacks are gaining notoriety very quickly because they can be set up and executed very simply. There are several crypto-currency mining tools that are used in attacks like deepMiner. In this case, deepMiner involves a program known as 'deepMiner,' an open source application that is available on Github and other public repositories. At the time of writing, more than two thousand different websites have been infected by deepMiner, posing a risk to the visitors to these Web pages.

How Cybercriminals may Compromise a Website for deepMiner

The cybercriminals can use resources for deepMiner that can be injected into websites. A lot of the time, all it takes is to insert a few lines of code into a website to run scripts that carry out deepMiner whenever a computer user visits a website. One of the most favored ways of getting this content onto legitimate websites is to embed the deepMiner code into WordPress themes and plug-ins. When the website creators install these on their websites, they will allow deepMiner to be carried out inadvertently. In many cases, the website owners and operators will not notice a difference or know that deepMiner is occurring, since these tactics use system resources on the visitors' computers rather than the website itself.

How deepMiner Cryptojacking Affects Website Visitors

The deepMiner's presence may cause a lot of symptoms. The most significant symptoms of deepMiner are related to the computer performance and responsiveness. This is because these tactics take over the affected computer's processing power to mine crypto-currency, affecting its ability to mine other crypto-currencies. Affected computer users may find that their computers will become unresponsive, their CPUs load increases, that electricity consumption increases, and the affected laptop or smartphone may overheat or heat up significantly. deepMiner has been linked to Monero, Electroneum, Sumokoin and other crypto-currencies.

Preventing the deepMiner Cryptojacking’s Presence on Your Web Browser

There are several Web browser add-ons that can block a crypto-currency-mining specifically. It is important, however, to use add-ons that are from legitimate sources to avoid exposing your computer to other unwanted scripts or possible malware. The visitors also may want to report the infected Web page to the website owners so that the issue is fixed for other visitors. Apart from using Web browser add-ons, malware researchers advise computer users to use strong, updated security software that provides real-time protection to help their computers to stay away from these hoaxes.

A Brief Analyses of deepMiner Cryptojacking and Similar Tactics

PC security researchers have observed a dramatic increase in crypto-jacking tactics in the last year, especially with the sudden rise and media attention of Bitcoin. Therefore, it is more important than ever to take precautions against these tactics. Tactics like deepMiner cryptojacking are increasing in complexity. While at first, deepMiner cryptojacking simply involved adding a few lines of code to the affected websites, attacking visitors directly, it seems that now third-party websites are being used to host deepMiner and redirect scripts are used to obfuscate the attack. There also has been a rise in platforms that offer crypto-jacking services to the public. These services may provide free plans that allow anyone to carry out these attacks and possible profit at the expense of others. Crypto-jacking seems to have many parallels with the early years of the ransomware industry currently, and it is likely to develop in the coming years.


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