Threat Database Browser Hijackers

The Web page is a shady site that aims at misleading its visitors. This dodgy website claims to host engaging content that is meant to attract the user’s attention. However, there is a catch. The users need to confirm that they are not to access the content the site supposedly hosts.

Unfortunately, there is no valuable or engaging content on the website. Also, users who follow the instructions provided by the page will enable it to display Web browser notifications because the CAPTCHA prompt they were presented with is fake. Users who have fallen for the trickery of the developers of the site claim to be receiving a constant advertisement flooding. The page utilizes the user’s Web browser notifications to spam them with unwanted and often irrelevant advertisements. Furthermore, the advertisements affiliated with the page are not to be trusted, as this site appears to be working in cooperation with dodgy advertisement companies. Such ad companies often push low-quality products, as well as fake, or overly expensive services.

Avoid clicking on any advertisements that may be affiliated with the site. If you want to put an end to the advertisement bombardment, revoke the permissions given to the site using your Web browser settings. This also can be achieved with the help of a genuine anti-virus solution.


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