Threat Database Trojans DDoS:Win32/Dofoil.A


By Sumo3000 in Trojans

Threat Scorecard

Ranking: 18,283
Threat Level: 80 % (High)
Infected Computers: 9,741
First Seen: December 5, 2011
Last Seen: May 3, 2024
OS(es) Affected: Windows

DDoS:Win32/Dofoil.A is a Trojan that enters the affected machine surreptitiously and can destroy the system. DDoS:Win32/Dofoil.A propagates via spam emails supposedly sent by the American Airlines. The unsolicited email contains a malicious .zip file attachment which is found as DDoS:Win32/Dofoil.A. If a PC user opens an infected attachment file, his/her computer is corrupted by DDoS:Win32/Dofoil.A. DDoS:Win32/Dofoil.A can will slow your PC and block you from accessing registry Editor Task Manager. DDoS:Win32/Dofoil.A is managed through remote servers and is able to execute DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks, used to deliver the Trojan to other PCs. DDoS:Win32/Dofoil.A can eliminate your privileges to control computer system's processes via Registry Editor and Task Manager programs. DDoS:Win32/Dofoil.A can also distribute and erase products in your Registry, record data, change file protection system's services, connect to the Internet, use your email accounts to spread the Trojan, and divert your search results to doubtful websites. Uninstall DDoS:Win32/Dofoil.A by using a genuine security application.


15 security vendors flagged this file as malicious.

Anti-Virus Software Detection
AVG Dropper.Generic6.CCOG
Fortinet W32/Agent2.MHO!tr
Ikarus Win32.Carberp
AhnLab-V3 Trojan/Win32.Yakes
McAfee-GW-Edition Generic.dx!bg3l
AntiVir DDoS/Dofoil.A.88
BitDefender Gen:Variant.Graftor.45038
Kaspersky Trojan.Win32.Agent2.mho
Avast Win32:Carberp-AJG [Trj]
McAfee Generic Downloader.rm
Panda Trj/Genetic.gen
AVG Cryptic
Fortinet W32/ZeroAccess.B!tr
Ikarus Worm.Win32.Cridex
AhnLab-V3 Trojan/Win32.PornoAsset

SpyHunter Detects & Remove DDoS:Win32/Dofoil.A

File System Details

DDoS:Win32/Dofoil.A may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. mini-KMS_Activator_v1.2_Office2010_VL_ENG.exe 797429180c8c307b2a5d5ecf7ac77c8b 3,365
2. NetMailTmp.bin 50d9697937d20e15b585dccdc2a188b3 1,473
3. NetMailTmp.bin 988586fda185394c0d9efe09cd50a790 607
4. NetMailTmp.bin e92c85d796bfa7ce3b27e84502000636 413
5. WirelessNetView.exe 89fc7fe878a249ae7da46a8fb5b06f3e 215
6. E6CB3B.exe 34ac32def45a1243c0ea3572925dd88d 40
7. Nobetci.exe 2c55eb634bc636ddb88f876220213522 26
8. TOTALCMD.EXE 2d07d3a4f414868cb0c033f1d2f307d8 23
9. 6BE020.exe 91a6ee86c66b34e407037a82524a2339 10
10. eCalendar.exe 7b8958fab7ffb6e7cf21d34b4fc066c4 7
11. 503186.exe f6e4a643c97ab2256d84780167525085 6
12. AA3DA6.exe e453ab194c8c4ea3ca1ac39ecf93516a 4
13. msmsgs.exe 03f8efe9796bb03ec9ed971d56d4397f 3
14. E602DF.exe 1e44263928bfb9ede59584079011eac1 2
15. 9A9D63.exe a683f6f5473765de4fd6a0dc2ad01499 2
16. dhdaehe f12c7d55c9304311b3e06a4dae577ffc 2
17. 61B329.exe 2fb4c2855aac21f8ae59a1d5498c47e1 2
18. oskb.exe febfc8c59f384003780d67d88403f3cb 1
19. 16F747.exe 6daf575428118663fc7d90219067c864 1
20. 90434F.exe e61aa54f4544a401ddc9f6dd468fe237 1
21. 9CB732.exe d06af556a1dabee547b6642aa1d049f9 1
22. 2EC795.exe e9a4bf03daa1254d8bc05c4170d4c926 1
23. d05b45.exe 70b74a45213849c63c93bb361cb8948b 1
24. E3BB7F.exe e0d7bd6e8b2e678d25b69b1469ca2bdb 1
25. 503186.exe
26. AA3DA6.exe
27. smss.exe


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