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Dazx Ransomware

Upon analysis of the Dazx Ransomware, cybersecurity researchers have discovered that it encrypts data and adds the '.dazx' extension to the filenames of the encrypted files. The ransomware also generates a ransom note in the form of a '_readme.txt' file. Examples of the changes made to the original filenames include altering '1.jpg' to '1.jpg.dazx,' '2.png' to '2.png.dazx,' and so on.

Moreover, it is crucial to note that Dazx Ransomware is part of the infamous STOP/Djvu ransomware family. Therefore, victims of such threats should be aware that cybercriminals often deploy additional malware alongside the STOP/Djvu ransomware. These additional threats are likely to be infostealing tools such as RedLine or Vidar. As a result, victims may have sensitive information stolen from their devices, in addition to losing access to their encrypted files. It is important for users to be cautious and take appropriate measures to protect their devices from ransomware attacks and other malware threats.

Dazx Ransomware Renders Victims' Data Inaccessible

The ransom note left by the attackers provides victims with two email addresses, '' and ',' to contact the cybercriminals for payment and decryption. Victims are urged to email the attackers within 72 hours to receive a discounted ransom payment of $490. Otherwise, the payment will increase to $980.

Moreover, the ransom note also indicates that the attackers offer to decrypt one encrypted file for free if it is sent to them before paying the ransom. However, the file should not contain any valuable information.

It is important to note that paying the ransom to cybercriminals is not recommended, as there is no guarantee that they will provide the necessary decryption tools even after receiving payment. Unfortunately, in many cases, the attackers are the only ones who possess the tools to decrypt the files. Victims should consider alternative recovery methods, such as data backups or seeking assistance from cybersecurity experts.

Users Should Make Sure that Their Data and Devices are Sufficiently Protected

Ransomware attacks can cause significant damage to personal and business data. To minimize the impact of such threats, there are several steps that users can take. Firstly, it is important to regularly backup all data to an external device or cloud service. This ensures that data can be recovered in the event of an attack. Additionally, users should keep their operating systems and software updated to prevent vulnerabilities from being exploited by attackers.

Secondly, users should be cautious when opening email attachments or clicking on links from unknown sources. It is important to verify the sender's identity and scan all attachments before opening them. Users should also avoid downloading software from untrusted websites or peer-to-peer networks.

Lastly, installing reputable anti-malware software can help detect and prevent ransomware attacks. Regularly running scans can help identify and remove any potential threats. Furthermore, using a firewall can help block unauthorized access to devices and networks.

The full ransom note left by the threat actors is:


Don't worry, you can return all your files!
All your files like pictures, databases, documents and other important are encrypted with strongest encryption and unique key.
The only method of recovering files is to purchase decrypt tool and unique key for you.
This software will decrypt all your encrypted files.
What guarantees you have?
You can send one of your encrypted file from your PC and we decrypt it for free.
But we can decrypt only 1 file for free. File must not contain valuable information.
You can get and look video overview decrypt tool:
Price of private key and decrypt software is $980.
Discount 50% available if you contact us first 72 hours, that's price for you is $490.
Please note that you'll never restore your data without payment.
Check your e-mail "Spam" or "Junk" folder if you don't get answer more than 6 hours.

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