By LoneStar in Browser Hijackers Image is a fake search engine that is associated with a browser-hijacking Trojan. Computer users visiting the web page are greeted with a strange anthropomorphic feline wearing a suit on a hideous red background. Strangely enough, the title 'Dating Puma' does not appear anywhere on the website. Instead, the page's name is shown as the unimaginative 'Super Search.' The main symptom of a malware infection is to have your web browser's default search engine changed to, as well as constant redirects to the website. The browser hijacker associated with will typically change the links on any online searches carried out on legitimate search engines. While the links appear normal, they lead to rather than to the website they are supposed to lead to. This is part of an online scam that generates quite a lot of money for criminals behind it.

Understanding the Scam Underlying Redirects to the Web Page

When talking about online businesses, web traffic translates into advertising revenue. While most fake search engines similar to will usually display spam results and irrelevant information instead of a list of websites relevant to the user's search, even this is not implemented in! That is, to add insult to injury, the fake search engine is not even implemented. This means that the browser hijacker for the website will basically take its victims to a website that is absolutely useless. However, ESG security researchers suspect that the fake search feature will be activated eventually. There is no doubt as to what its contents will be: spam and advertisements for seedy websites. Fake search engines like often serve a vital purpose in distributing malware. Most of search results on these websites will typically contain malicious content, either malware that actively attacks your computer system or content promoting known scams such as pyramid schemes or fraudulent online businesses. This occurs because the kinds of websites that will engage services of fake search engines like will often do so because they are banned from legitimate search engines due to the nature of their content. Because of this, nothing good can come from visiting Visitors will often arrive at because they are already infected with malware and will usually leave with additional malware on their hard drive. This is why any contact with should be followed with a thorough scan of your PC with a reliable anti-malware application.


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