Threat Database Adware CrowdExclusive


The CrowdExclusive application is designed to target Mac computers exclusively. This application is classified as adware. The CrowdExclusive adware is propagated via fake pop-up windows or bogus advertisement campaigns.

The pop-up windows and fake advertisements spreading the CrowdExclusive application would claim that you need to install urgent updates on your system. Users will be urged to click on the link provided by the ad or the pop-up window, which is meant to trigger the installation of an upgrade for an application present on their computers. However, this is nothing more than a scheme. Attempting to download an update provided by a dodgy pop-up window or a shady ad will result in the installation of the CrowdExclusive adware on your Mac. Once the r CrowdExclusive application is installed on your computer, you will notice quickly a great spike in the advertisements you will view when browsing the Web. The advertisements may come in all shapes and forms – from flashing banners to annoying alerts. You can rest assured that this will become very tiresome quickly. We would advise you to ignore the advertisements linked to the activity of the CrowdExclusive adware. Advertisements affiliated with shady software like CrowdExclusive may end up promoting unsafe products and fake services that you would prefer to avoid.

If the CrowdExclusive adware is installed on your Mac, it is best to locate and remove it as soon as possible. You can do this by yourself manually, or you can trust a reputable anti-malware solution compatible with your OSX.


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